Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Round Up, Prepare prepare prepare...

Sunday is a day to prepare and get yourself ready for the week ahead. Preparation is key and as much as you can prepare yourself today for your week, the more on track you will stay on your program, no matter what that program is. Whether you are a competitor, on a lifestyle program or looking to lose a few extra pounds utilizing Sunday as your day to prepare is universal key component among everyone seeing fitness goals!

Today is our weekly preparation day, remember… Use today to do your shopping, prepare your meals and be sure that your house is loaded with all the healthy bites for the week. Getting things prepared is going to be Step ONE is your success for this upcoming week. Summer is right around the corner, can you believe it!! As mentioned in my Summer Trim Down Tips in my newsletter, BYOM-- BRING YOUR OWN MEALS and being prepared is one key tip to reaching your Summer Trim Down goals. --by the way, if you are not on my newsletter e-mail list, you must sign up for all the latest tips and to find out what is going on with me and With the come of a new season comes a great time to mentally and physically make some personal changes. Let’s change with the seasons and establish those goals we are aiming for.

As I prepare for my week ahead, I have cooked up a storm with all my Eat to Grow protein in Tupperware and Quinoa pre-made so all I have to do is scoop it out with my measuring cup or a big spoon. Whether you pre-make your meals and individually put them in containers, by meal, or simply have larger containers with your pre-made food ready to be grabbed on the go, prepare yourself!

On the training front, this weekend I switched my usual Sunday "fun day and off day" and got in my training today and rest day yesterday. Often, depending on your schedule you have to adjust things. Just as you are prepared for your week, you have to be prepared to go with the flow and adjust your schedule according to how you feel and things you have going on. Yesterday was a travel day for me so what does that mean... I took the day off to travel, with all my meals prepared and with me, by the way, and then used today as my day to get in an awesome circuit workout. updates on how Jess is doing, the workout and more…

Today's WOD

1 minute abs, any which way
1 minute squats
1 minute front raises
1 minute side laterals
1 minute rows
repeat 5x (rounds) for total of 25 minutes

Today's meals:
meal 1: Egg whites with Oatmeal
meal 2: Veggie omelet with side of oatmeal :) As I posted on Twitter today get in added Vitamin D with mushrooms! Add them to your omelets for that extra powerful boost.

meal 3: Protein Shake with an apple and almond butter (absolute favorite)

Meal 4: ETG Tilapia (as I was preparing for the week) and Huge Gina Salad with Sesame Oil

Meal 5-6 TBD, maybe lean steak is on the menu... Been absolutely craving red meat. Not much of a red meat eater but it has been months, literally!

As we move into a new week ahead, remember PREPARE PREPARE PREPARE!

Looking forward to another successful week and thank you all for reading and your interest!!

big hugs to all!

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