Thursday, May 12, 2011

Are you a Team Player?

Were you a high school or college athlete? Were you part of a team growing up and then as you got older realized that you had less time for team sport? You may have decided you didn’t have the time to be subject to scheduled practices and meetings so things just weren’t working out like they once did. No time for team sports yet you may have still been yearning for that competitive drive, within yourself, that you once had! Maybe that is why you are loving this fitness journey… It is one that you can embark upon without the time restrains and “practice commitments” yet create that inner drive to be better today than you were yesterday. In essence, you are your own team and can make your own “practice schedule”. You are able to have that competition within yourself and do so on your own terms! Even though our fitness journey’s are individualized and specific towards our own goals, it is important to still be that team player you once were. Being a part of a team tends to be the key component in going from Good to Great. If you are solely on your own or feel as if you are in this alone, that can hamper your success. If you are embarking upon this journey on your own, things may seem more difficult than they have to be. Having a team is what makes all the difference. There is a reason for team sports and what they offer.

If you don’t have time for those events anymore, reasonably so, remember that you can still create your team to help cheer you on and offer you the support you need! It is important to have those you can turn to or lean on for ideas, pick me ups, when you may be feeling down, keep me ups, when you are on a roll, and just to know that you are not alone! At Gina Aliotti's Fitness Network, we work together, with common goals and interests, we are on one team. This is the best team you could ask for because you are doing things on your own terms, time and schedule yet you have all the components of a team that keeps you pushing on! As we work together to keep our visions and goals alive and realistic, remember that you are part of a team. As we work together, we are making things happen and creating one of the most solid teams around. As you are the one in control of your “plays” remember that your team is here to back you!! Are you a part of a team? Join us and become a part of our online Team for all the support, motivation and tools to help you reach your goals but also to have those that understand and are right there with you digging deep! ~Gina

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