Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chapters of life...

Chapters of life, boy how they change! Life is like a book. We all have a start and an ending and in between we have all these chapters that make the book complete. One chapter may be nothing but challenges, one may be nothing but ease and in between there are different experiences that are faced and embraced.

Just got back from catching up with client/friend Brianne Ramirez. Wow, how things change and what a journey we are all on! I am so proud of Brianne and so glad I was able to meet her precious bundle of joy, Ellianna!! I was fortunate to be a part of Brianne's journey from several years ago and still am a part of her journey today. She came to me to help her reach her figure goals. From there she became not only my client but we became a solid team. I was able to watch her grow, physically and mentally, along her journey. The stage brings about only the icing on the cake. What is beyond the icing are the layers. Yes, Brianne stepped on stage a well polished champion each time, winning the Jr. Cal Overall and her class at the 2010 Cal but beyond the trophy and accomplishment of wins, her journey to the stage helped shape her to be the person she is today. Her journey was not only about the stage but about life and its challenges, facing them, moving past them and continuing to strive for goals and her dreams. As life continues and we turn pages in our personal books, each chapter has something different to offer, a new experience to embrace, lessons to be learned and so many things to look forward to! From a top competitor to now a proud mother, Brianne has now turned a page in her book and began a new fresh chapter. This chapter is going to be a bit longer than the last but a chapter that will and already has changed her life forever. Brianne now can face the challenges of motherhood but utilize the tools and learning experiences from her previous chapters, to carry over into this new and exciting chapter of life. Challenges of being a competitor all had their purpose and created the amazing individual Brianne is today. Motherhood encompasses challenges of its own but Brianne has so many of the valuable tools from recent chapters to help her continue to take on whatever may come her way. Each chapter of our life helps shape the next chapter.

From the first time I met Brianne, I knew that she was someone who would set her mind to something and give it everything she had to give. From Figure Champion to Wife to Mother, no matter what she does, she does it whole heartedly! Today, I was able to meet Brianne who has offically started a new chapter in her life. It was nothing less than amazing. Seeing Brianne's growth and seeing where she is today made me smile and continues to make me proud. I am so proud of her and wanted to extend my love to her as she takes on new challenges and continues to turn pages in her book. Congratulations on ALL your success, Brianne.

With so many members pregnant and turning pages and chapters in their own book, Brianne and I wanted to share her experience with all of you! This week, I am So excited to post words from Brianne's pregnant journey with our family at Gina Aliotti's Fitness Network! I was able to catch Brianne on Camera where she shared with us a glimpse of her journey, challenges, tips, etc! We will be touching base with her again in the coming weeks to see how she adjusts into motherhood and finds her balance again.

Congratulations Brianne! Look forward to hearing more about your journey and continuing to be a part of your new chapter!

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