Monday, May 9, 2011


How is your mindset this Monday? What kind of mental environment have you started your week with? Are you ready to be that positive leader and motivator that you are or are you feeling like you need some positivity and motivation coming your way? Start your week out with a quick reflection on how you are feeling and if you are starting your week out in the right mindset. How you feel and act today will set the tone for this week ahead. Take a moment, right now to dig within yourself and feel how you are feeling and grasp your frame of mind… (no really stop reading and take a few moments to feel within YOU)

What did you discover? Are you in a happy place? Do you feel defeated? Do you feel motivated to take on whatever challenge comes your way? Do you feel as if nothing will stop you? Do you feel like a champion? Do you feel like you are on a roll and nothing can stop you? Do you feel alone? Do you feel energetic or maybe lethargic? With so many states of mind, think about how you feel? It is okay if a feeling came about that you are not proud of or if you are not feeling as great as you want to feel. Maybe you realized your energy is a 10 and you are ready to take on this week with everything you have! Regardless of where you are, a moment of reflection will allow you to stop, breath, know where you are at mentally, physically and emotionally, recognize it and be able to take action. Either adjust your frame of mind or go with it. If you are feeling positive and ready to go, carry over that energy into everything you do and everyone you meet. If you are feeling a little down, it is okay! You recognize it and now it is time to change your frame of mind and gain the positivity you are lacking and then carry on with your week!

The start of your week and the feelings you have within you are what are going to set the tone for the next 6 days. Monday’s mindset matters! Monday’s mentality is how you start your week. It is good to check yourself and feel and understand your mindset as you begin your week. How you feel and your attitude towards things will carry over into everything you do so let’s be sure your Monday mindset is starting out happy, optimistic, and energetic! You have it within you but you may just have to go digging to find what it is that is that is going to make you that positive motivational leader you are!

Go after it and go after it giving it everything you've got!


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