Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What is your favorite Snack?

Most people fall off their program and "eating clean" plan when it comes to snacking! This is my area of expertise because I am a veggie lover and have allowed veggies to become my go to snack of choice! Veggies are FREE on the Gina Approved plan and have saved me from eating my hand along with helped my clients stay on track with their programs! Veggies are the answer to all your snacking problems. Need something to turn to when you either are starving and it isn't "meal time" or just feel like you need something to much on... One of my favorite Gina Approved Snacks is sliced cucumbers! Better yet, have a little sweet tooth... add a few packets of Stevia over top and they taste just like watermelon, yummy!

If I am in a hurry and need to make this a meal, Add egg whites over top and it makes for a perfect quick and crunchy meal!

What are your favorite go to GA Snacks?

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