Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Update

What a busy day in deed!! CocoNUT Bars came out delicious!! CHECK OUT THE RECIPE AND VIDEO POSTED! It is amazing the creations you can come up, i'll tell you. It is endless! People ask how and I say, "it is a lifestyle". There is no reason to not eat this way, there are so many ways to eat deliciously healthy! There is really no other way to eat or live! I have been raised on such amazing foods my entire life that they are just a part of me. It is my mission to help others see that clean eating does not mean boring, tasteless foods but rather tasty & super delicious, not to mention nutritious! It is a win win, you can create the most amazing meals out of clean foods. I will always argue that clean foods are never boring and taste better than the "real thing" but will never argue that it does take time and commitment! If you want it bad enough, if you want to feel and look healthy, you must put in the time and work! hummm... isn't that with everything!? If you want it bad enough, you have to invest the time and energy!!! Nothing comes without work. Expand your mind, open your cabinets and get creative!! You will be surprised the creations you will come up with! Craving something? Find a way to create your craving the Gina Approved way, it can be done! Can't seem to find a way, ask me and I will find a way!!!

Crazy for CocoNUTS, must try my CocoNut Bars!

A few Wednesday Funnies to make you smile! Just received these in my e-mail from a client and friend and wanted to share. They made me smile and I hope they do the same for you!

Until later!

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