Friday, June 10, 2011

Smarter Summer Trim down tips...

When it comes to obtaining your summer body, trim down with my smarter ways to reach your summer goals. You do not have to spend endless hours in the gym or eat nothing but egg whites, protein powder and greens. Summertime does not mean that it is time to start "dieting" rather it is a to be used as a motivational means to step things up a notch. Use summer as an inspirational tool to get you focused and reenergized! Don't train harder and longer to reach your goals, rather just be a little bit smarter! I mentioned a few in my last NEWSLETTER but let me expand upon them and offer a few more Smart Tips! (Which, by the way, if you are not subscribed to my newsletter, be sure to sign up HERE)

Here are my Smart Tips to help you regain focus and momentum:

1. DO A.M. CARDIO. Not only will you dig into fat stores quicker but you will start your day out right. Mark my words, start tomorrow and tell me how you feel! It is a double positive, burn fat and start your day on the right note! Nothing like a.m. cardio!

2. GET IN AND GET OUT! As mentioned in a recent Tip, try Tabata. Vary your workouts and cardio with higher intensity training. Tabata training is a quick, fun and intense way to gain amazing results. The full Tabata program is four minutes long but may be the longest four minutes of your life. Tabata intervals follow this structure:
Push hard for 20 seconds
Rest for 10 seconds.
Repeat this eight times.
You can do this with exercises, preferably large muscle exercises, such as front squats or better yet, I love to use Tabata training for sprint work! Of course, this will not replace every cardio/workout session but for a change, when you have limited time, get in and get out with Tabata!

3. CHANGE is key so if it isn't Tabata, try another HIT type of training such as circuit training or plyometrics are the way to go. These high-intensity, explosive exercises such as jumping and hopping, get your heart rate up quickly, which equals a higher calories-burned rate. Additionally, these athletic moments really target your fast-twitch muscles, coordination and agility, so you're training your body in an entirely new and challenging way. Constantly challenging your body and workouts equals results.

4. MUSIC...Spend some time to put together a killer summer workout playlist! Listen to fast music. If you seem to have trouble pumping yourself up for a workout, try music that makes you want to move!! Yes, it takes time to put together your list but a little bit of time invested is all you need to give you that extra boost!!

5. PROPER FORM. Do you hold on to the handles when you walk on the treadmill? Maybe you lean on the handlebars while biking, or walking on the Stairmaster/step-mill. If you use these machines, you need to use proper form in order to get the most out of your workout! As a general rule, keep your arms moving freely and naturally, keep your abs in, your weight centered over your hips, and your shoulders down and back. If you are an incline lover like me, of course you may not be able to walk freely but lightly grip handle and focus on your glutes!

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6. CONSISTENCY, DAY IN AND DAY OUT! I Hear too often that one is ON for a few days then falls off, then ON for another day then OFF for a day... The cycle is not going to get you the results you want. Consistency is KEY!

7. SUPPORT!! GINA ALIOTTI'S FITNESS NETWORK is just that and SO much more. You need ALL the support you can get when you are digging deep and pushing yourself. You are NOT alone and there are people that are digging deep with you and can help off you tools, tricks, motivation, and so much more! It is about having the right support group and network to never feel alone!!

8. FOCUS AND VISUALIZE while you work. I talk a lot about the importance of the mind-body connection and how that relates to your fitness goals. Although cardio or weight training isn't as Zen-like as yoga, cardio and resistance training can still benefit from a strong sense of awareness. The next time you workout, focus on the movements and breathing while squeezing those muscles. By engaging your mind, you can actually better engage your muscles which allows you to complete the exercise more easily, be more efficient with your training and therefore burn more calories ie get results quicker!! For more on this read my article THE POWER OF VISUALIZING YOUR GOALS.

9. DON'T OVERWORK OR OVERTRAIN. This might sound counter-intuitive but hear me out. We all know how important rest and recovery is but often when you have a goal in mind you forget and think more is better! Less is actually more and the sooner you can grasp this concept the quicker you will reach your goals!

10. ENJOY THE JOURNEY! Don't wait to be happy when you reach your goals, rather enjoy the journey as that is what matters and what makes life worth living! Be patient and enjoy the ride! Summer will come and go but the journey will last forever!

Many more tips to come as we enter into the Summer Months!!

Thank you for reading and best of luck as you begin your journey!

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