Friday, June 3, 2011

It's Friday, gosh I love Friday's

There is something about Friday's that I just love. It doesn't matter what is going on, how my week was, where my head is or what things are going on around me, Fridays are a great days!! I just love Fridays! No matter what, not sure about you, but it seems that things seem to go smoother on Fridays. Everything from waking up energetic, getting in a great workout, eating clean to just feeling all around Great. People seem to be more patient on the road, in grocery store lines, over the phone and often they extend an extra hand to help more so than they would on a Monday... It doesn't hurt that today is bright and sunny in San Diego but there is just something about Friday's that makes me smile! I think most people are on the same page because it seems that more people smile of Friday's. Is it because most people are off and the weekend is near or because there is literally different energy in the air on Fridays? No matter what the reason is, Fridays are happy and positive days in Gina's world and I embrace every one with open arms! Imagine if everyday was a Friday, do you think the world would be a happier better place? That is a question we will never have an answer to but there is no reason why we can't make everyday Friday, right!?

Todays Friday started out with energy that was a 10, a great workout with my beautiful husband (see below), amazing clients and ending with a beautiful photo shoot on the beach for a friend that needs couple shots. Hope everyone is having a fabulous Friday! Let's keep this energy going throughout the weekend and into next week!

5 sets of 15 assisted pull ups
5 rounds of the following:
1 minute straight leg dead lifts
1 minute push presses
1 minute front squats
rest 1 minute and repeat....

20 minutes HIT on bike. Yes, not a huge bike lover but with a tight hamstring, that was my best option for today... Change is good!

Meal #1: Protein Shake with oatmeal and chia seeds
Meal #2: Quest Bar with 1 cup fresh strawberries :)
Meal #3 Gina's PITA TUNA MELT
Meal #4: Protein shake with 2 rice cakes and 1 tbsp Nuttzo :)
Meal #5--7: TO BE DETERMINED...

Happy Friday!

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